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Our Mission

Whitemarsh Foundation, established in 2001 is dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of the Whitemarsh Valley and furthering open space education and preservation. The Foundation oversees nearly 180 acres of preserved land just beyond the Philadelphia City limits. With a mission of promoting awareness of, advocacy for, education about and access to preserved and conserved land, and by leveraging its relationship with the 450 acre Erdenheim Farm – the crown jewel of preserved land in the area – The Whitemarsh Foundation conducts unique educational and advocacy programs.

Land preservation is often not a priority within a community, until it is too late. Whitemarsh Foundation is committed to changing that dynamic.
— Kimberly Sheppard, President

What We've Achieved

  • Preserved and manage more than 180 acres of open space in Whitemarsh Township; led the charge to preserve an additional 250 of Erdenheim Farm. 
  • Created the Dixon Meadow Preserve a 14 acre nature preserve that uses best meadow management practices and includes 30 species of native trees and 12 species of native shrubs including 6 varieties of native grasses and wildflower mixes.
  • Attracted more than 115 species of birds to the Meadow Preserve. 
  • Secured interest and financial support from more than 440 donors since 2001.
  • Since 2008 counted Whitemarsh Township, William Jeannes Memorial Library, Morris Arboretum and Natural Lands Trust as partners in either educational or preservation activities.
  • Restored century historically significant 19th farmhouseDixon Meadow House–to its original beauty to serve as learning center for preserve and meadow management.